The Science Behind Exfoliating

Mens Skin Care - Mens Exfoliator Hunter Lab

Getting rid of dead skin cells is key to breathing new life into your skin and leaving it feeling refreshed. If we don’t remove the dead skin cells then they can act to clog pores, cause ingrown hairs and even wrinkles. Removing the dead skin cells helps to promote new skin growth meaning that your skin will feel fresher and look younger for longer.

Mens Skin Care - Mens Exfoliator Hunter Lab

One of the biggest things to remember when you’re adding exfoliating into your skin care regime is to make sure you do it properly. There’s no point in ticking the box if you’re just making your skin red and irritated as a result, but that doesn’t mean you should stop – it means you should reassess how you’re going about it. Make sure to avoid exfoliating onto dry skin (always splash it with water first), don’t do it daily (most people require twice a week tops) and don’t do it harder because you can feel it more (exfoliating shouldn’t hurt!).

Make sure to avoid exfoliating onto dry skin (always splash it with water first). You might think the more often the better to exfoliate, but this is where that saying ‘everything in moderation’ is truer than ever! Exfoliating your skin shouldn’t be done daily, and twice a week is just often enough!

Whether you’re new to mens skin care at all or you’re just hoping to spruce up your men’s grooming routine a little – a men’s exfoliator could be the one product that leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh, whilst looking healthier. Not only will it make you feel reinvigorated from the first time you try it but you’ll be feeling the benefits for years to come when you add an exfoliator to your men’s grooming routine every week.

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